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About AKD Softwoods

Associated Kiln Driers Pty Ltd (trading as AKD Softwoods) is a 100% Australian owned and operated integrated forestry and timber processing company based in the South Western Districts of Victoria.

AKD is distinctive amongst its key competitors for its reputation as a high quality producer, its exceptional customer service and its vertically integrated operations which comprise:

  • Two sawmills processing approximately 700,000m3 of sawlog per annum
  • Over 8,000 hectares of radiata pine plantations located in Victoria and South Australia.
  • Three preservation businesses
  • A softwood chip export operation
  • Two log export locations

Building an excellent reputation on its quality, service and flexibility, AKD has a wide range of products, and an end to end planning process that enables products to be made to order and dispatched on its own truck fleet, to customers across Australia.

As a regional employer, AKD plays an active part in supporting a variety of local community activities and sees its 450+ employees as the vital ingredient in its past and future success.

Since its founding, AKD has continually made significant investments to ensure long term growth and prosperity. AKD has grown its business over the long term, by building a stable foundation. This solid foundation includes stable ownership, long term customer relationships, long term log contracts, its own plantations and multiple state of the art processing facilities.

These foundations are constantly being enhanced by continual reinvestment in the business, plant expansions, plantation growth, employee development and the latest processing, automation, scanning and optimisation technology.

AKD is proud of its 60 year history in the Colac-Otway region, having retained its headquarters at the site on which it was founded in 1955 by an association of local family companies. The four equal shareholder companies that own AKD have been involved since day one.

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Yarram joins AKD

Yarram joins AKD

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The SPLINTER is AKD's internal newsletter.

Latest copies of our newsletter


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Caboolture Acquisition by AKD

AKD Proudly announces the acquisition of the Caboolture Sawmill in Queensland

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