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People & Careers

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The critical ingredient of AKD’s future plans are its employees. Employee development and safety is paramount across all sites and operations.

AKD Softwoods prides itself on being an employer of choice within the Colac and District Area. They recognise their employees as being the most important resource and engrain a strong culture of team and initiative. Training is seen as an important part of AKD's evolving culture and AKD attributes a large portion of its' success to continual improvement processes and investment in training and development of its employees.

AKD is investing in its employees future though continual development and training opportunities, a graduate recruitment program, comprehensive apprenticeship programs (adult and school leaver) and integrating LEAN manufacturing and processing principles into the entire business.

Every precaution is taken and compliancy is met (and exceeded) to ensure a safe working environment is provided.

AKD is an equal opportunity employer, valuing diversity within our workforce.

Consider joining this growing and exciting organisation for your next career move.

AKD Careers... Providing Employment Opportunity, Growth and Stability.

Positions Vacant

Please see our NEWS - JOB VACANCIES section for job advertisments. For more information, please refer to our Career Info Sheet.

Alternatively, register your interest by emailing recruitment or calling (03) 5231 9100.

Application for employment can be made by filling in the Application For Employment Form, and returning to the abovementioned email address or via post to Recruitment, 7-15 Forest Street Colac Vic 3250, along with your current resume and coverletter.

Featured News


The SPLINTER is AKD's internal newsletter.

Latest copies of our newsletter


  • 01- 2013 AKD Splinter - Nov 2013.pdf (5MB)
  • 02- 2014 AKD Splinter - Jan 2014.pdf (9MB)
  • 03- 2014 AKD Splinter - March 2014.pdf (8MB)
  • 04- 2014 AKD Splinter - May 2014.pdf (13MB)
  • 05- 2014 AKD Splinter - July 2014.pdf (8MB)
  • 06- 2014 AKD Splinter - Aug 2014.pdf (5MB)
  • 07- 2014 AKD Splinter - Dec 2014.pdf (15MB)
  • 08- 2015 AKD Splinter - March 2015.pdf (11MB)
  • 09- 2015 AKD Splinter - Jun 2015.pdf (9MB)
  • 10- 2015 AKD Splinter - Oct 2015.pdf (9MB)
  • 10a 2015 AKD Splinter - Oct 2015 insert.pdf (6MB)
  • 11- 2015 AKD Splinter - Nov 2015.pdf (14MB)
  • 12- 2016 AKD Splinter - March 2016.pdf (11MB)
  • 13- 2016 AKD Splinter - Jun 2016 - safety issue.pdf (15MB)
  • 14- 2016 AKD Splinter - Sep 2016.pdf (14MB)
  • 15- 2016 AKD Splinter - Dec 2016.pdf (27MB)
  • 16- 2017 AKD Splinter - March 2017.pdf (14MB)
  • 17- 2017 AKD Splinter - May 2017.pdf (18MB)
  • 18- 2017 AKD Splinter - July 2017.pdf (16MB)
  • 19- 2017 AKD Splinter - Sept 2017.pdf (39MB)
  • 20- 2017 AKD Splinter - Dec 2017.pdf (15MB)
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AKD Breaking News

AKD and CHH are in advanced negotiations regarding the potential purchase of the Yarram (Vic) and Caboolture (Qld) sawmills.

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World's most modern sawmill

AKD Softwoods’ Shane Vicary says the expansion of the Colac business’s Forest Street plant is part of “AKD’s ongoing quest to be internationally competitive”

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