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AKD produces bulk quantities of pine woodchips, shavings, sawdust and bark all year round.

Sawdust and shavings are used for boiler fuel in our kiln drying process. Excess shavings and sawdust are sold and used for animal bedding, compost and pellet manufacture.

The majority of AKD's woodchip is exported overseas for pulp and paper.

For Residue sales, email or phone Gary Dolan on (03) 5231 9100.

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Colac's AKD Softwoods set to be the world's most modern sawmill

AKD Softwoods’ Shane Vicary says the expansion of the Colac business’s Forest Street plant is part of “AKD’s ongoing quest to be internationally competitive”

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$6.2-million upgrade for Colac timber company

AKD's Continuous Kilns upgrade was featured in the Colac Herald

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