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CDK Project Update

15 April 2015

Work on the CDK project is progressing with the foundations for Kiln #1 & #2 well under way and the infeed & outfeed tracks being prepared.

The foundation work for Kiln #2 is ramping up as it will now be the first Kiln to be assembled and commissioned. This will allow safe operation and better traffic flow of the Kiln area while Kiln # 1 is completed.

The method of pre-casting the outer concrete foundation has been adopted to speed up the construction time of the foundations. Pre-casting involves the manufacture of the concrete components off site, delivery and positioning by truck & crane.

The first shipment of kiln equipment from 'Mahild' is due to arrive mid April which will allow assembly of the aluminium kilns to commence. The heating coils, piping & fans for the internals of the kiln are planned to arrive 3-4 weeks later.

The 5MW Boilers from 'RCR Energy Services' are due mid March. The boilers will be placed on the Boiler House slab prior to the boiler building being erected.

The installation of the new gas supply line to the site has commenced and is planned for completion by the end March.

Unfortunately, typical Colac weather has held up the foundation work on a number of occasions. The first CDK is expected to be operational in June, and the second in August.

- Graeme Hall, Project Manager


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