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Irrewarra Upgrade

15 April 2015

The Planning for the second Irrewarra upgrade is now in full swing with the first shut due the week after Easter (2nd of April to the 12th of April inclusive).   During this first stage the feed from the Twin re-saw to the 4 Saw Edger will be completely re-designed to ensure a more efficient material handling of the product coming from the Twins.

By far the biggest single expenditure during the second Irrewarra upgrade will be the Gangsaw itself.   The single Gangsaw machine centre will be made up of 3 parts, and is being manufactured by German company   EWD.

1. Canter Head
The first section of the Gang will contain the canter heads which will chip the faces of the cant.

2. Profiling Heads
The next section of the box will contain profiling heads which will scallop out the any round wane left on the side of the cant at a depth of the thickness of a board. A saw in the saw box will line up with this profile exactly to produce that board.

3. Single arbor Gang
The next section of the Gangsaw box would contain up to 14 saws. The centre 6 saws would be moveable on telescopic arbor shafts and the rest would be fixed. This saw arrangement allows product to be boxed out of the heart of the log.

While much of the work at Irrewarra can be done while the mill is operating a one week shut will be required later in the year (most likely mid August, subject to delivery of the Gangsaw) to install the Bioluma Scanner on the Trimsaws, Wintally in the Sorter and a USNR Head Rig Optimiser system with back scanning.  We have had very positive experiences at the Colac Mill with the introduction of the Bioluma scanners and Wintally Sorter control so we are looking forward to the improvements it will bring to Irrewarra.

The USNR Head Rig Scanning may be installed earlier if parts and technicians are available.  So that timber is able to be processed out the back end of the mill, the Stacker will be worked on throughout the year which will culminate the incremental installation of a strip placing magazine to replace the current manual strip placement.

The waste system at Irrewarra will also be upgraded to cope with the additional volume.  A second chipper, screen and waste handling conveyor will be installed to ensure the upgraded mill is not constrained by the waste system.

This upgrade will give a log capacity of 1.8 logs per minute, up from the current 1.3 logs per minute which will take Irrewarra beyond 200,000m³ per year and possibly as high as 300,000m³ in the near future.

This is an exciting time for AKD and its Irrewarra Sawmill.

- John Browne, Operations Manager


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