Post and Poles.

Complementing AKD’s ‘stump to store’ philosophy, AKD owns and operates a post and preservation business:

This business is a manufacturer of quality treated roundwood products, with a focus on primarily servicing institutional and wholesale customers, producing posts and preservation products for agricultural, viticultural applications and building industries throughout Australia, such as strainers, fence posts and poles, as well as all kinds of outdoor projects from garden edging to pergolas and countless other uses.

Export Logs and Chips.

AKD produces a broad range of forest products not only for domestic markets, but also for international markets. The company exports woodchips, pulp and industrial logs to the Asian markets.

Export logs are those logs which are not up to AKD’s sawmill log quality standard. We export pulp and industrial logs from our plantation portfolio to China and Korea for the purposes of construction, packaging, pulping and other end applications.

Through our joint venture with HVP Plantations, the joint venture being called Softwood Plantation Exporters (“SPE”), the Company currently exports woodchips to pulp and paper customers based in Asia, primarily Japan and China. With the evolution of bio-mass energy generation really gathering momentum, there is increasing demand for AKD to also supply woodchips and other sawmill residues to international markets for heating and power generation.

SPE’s chips are maintained undercover at the port to ensure highest quality and are free from contamination.