Our Products.

AKD makes a range of timber products for many varied uses, applications and markets. Using renewable and sustainable plantation-grown Pine, the latest industry technology and treatment processes, AKD provides product solutions that respond to the ever-changing, diverse needs of both domestic and international customers. The vast majority of our products are consumed in the Australian market.

Demand is strong throughout Australia and the Asian region for AKD’s growing range of products which currently includes sawn timber that is predominantly kiln dried, dressed, and machine graded. Further value adding is then undertaken for a variety of end uses. Our core product category is structural framing which is used mainly in domestic dwellings construction. This product can also be valued added with treatment for termite resistance (AKD Terminator™) or for protection against insect and borer attack for outdoor usage. We also make a range of other industrial grade products which are used in pallet and packaging solutions.

In addition, high grade by-products such as woodchip, pine bark, sawdust and dry shavings are also generated.

Why Choose Timber

Timber is the only renewable building material. In Australia, it is harvested from sustainably managed forests and plantations ensuring that at least one new tree is planted for every one that is harvested. During growth, trees filter the air, capturing carbon dioxide and storing the carbon as wood fibre while releasing oxygen into the air.

Australia’s plantation resource is critical in reducing the impact of greenhouse gas emissions and is a key part of climate change solutions for the world.

Did you know that:

  • Australian softwood plantations would re-grow an average house frame in 2.5 minutes
  • Wood is a natural carbon store-up to 50% of its dry mass is carbon
  • For every tree that is harvested from certified plantations at least one is replanted

Did you also know that a typical* Australian home:

  • Has absorbed almost 9 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air
  • More than 3 tonnes of carbon

*Note: a typical Australian home is made up of approximately 14m3 of sawn timber.
Sources are on www.fwpa.com.au

Why would you use anything but Australian Plantation Pine Framing?

One of the most valued uses of Australian Plantation Pine is in structural applications, both for indoors and outdoors. Structural Pine Framing is the backbone of most Australian homes.

Timber framing is one of the most eco-friendly building materials on Earth. Timber is sustainable, renewable, non-toxic and organic. It’s also carbon positive, capturing more CO2 than it emits throughout the production process. Let’s build for a brighter future.

Let’s build with timber framing.

Proudly displaying the green and gold!

AKD’s range of sawn timber products proudly display the green and gold kangaroo symbol on our pack wrap. AKD’s products are grown and manufactured in Australian owned mills located in regional Australian communities across our East Coast network.

We are proud to badge our products with such well-recognised and trusted symbol of thegreen and gold kangaroo!

In addition, high grade by-products such as woodchip, pine bark, sawdust and dry shavings are generated. This ensures the responsible use of the entire log which was harvested.

AKD’s adoption of the latest industry technology combined with strict quality assurance and value adding manufacturing processes, produces a wide range of treated, finger-jointed and laminated products which are fit-for-purpose and meet Australian Standards. Our products are in high demand by both domestic and international customers.

Environmental Product Declarations

AKD’s sawn timber products are covered by the industry’s detailed Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) which can be downloaded here: https://epd-australasia.com/?s=Softwood+Timber&post_type=epd

An EPD is a standardised and verified way of quantifying the environmental impacts of a product based on a consistent set of rules that have been developed through an extensive stakeholder consultation process.

These impacts are based on the product’s consumption of raw materials and energy, waste generation, and emissions to air, soil and water over its full life cycle. An EPD includes a carbon footprint alongside other environmental indicators.

Source: woodsolutions.com.au

Our Brands

AKD makes quality timber products for Australian homes. We are also the home of some great Aussie made and owned Brands. We encourage you to always consider locally grown, made and owned products such as AKD’s when planning your next project.

AKD Terminator® is part of AKD’s Structural Pine Framing range with the extra benefit of being termite resistant for use South of the Tropic of Capricorn (to H2F).

AKD Terminator® comes with a direct warranty from AKD. The product is uniquely identified through a treatment stamp on each board and is easily identified on site and in use by its distinctive blue colour.

Choose AKD Terminator® for your next project for:

  • Peace of mind. Your house frame is resistant to termites for a very modest additional investment.
  • Value-added treatment to protect the framing structure from termite attack.

AKD Endura® is our range of outdoor structural timbers typically used for decking substructures and pergolas and other above ground weather exposed applications.

AKD Endura® is treated (to H3) for outdoor, above ground uses. It forms the roof or substrate structure of many outdoor living spaces and areas across Australia.

AKD Ironwood® is our range of outdoor garden landscaping sleepers. AKD Ironwood® is treated (to H4) for non-structural inground use.

AKD Ironwood® is available in two product types – Ironwood® Classic and Ironwood Edge® both are ideal for residential and commercial non-structural garden landscaping applications.

Ironwood Edge sleepers are unique with their bevelled edge for extra finishing detail and a preservative treatment that is ideal for building vegetable garden patches for Aussie backyards or in community gardens.

Other products on offer from AKD


  • Sustainable and economical Australian plantation pine decking
  • Suitable for use around children and animals
  • Protected from termites and decay
  • Treated to Hazard level H3 compliant with AS/NZS1604 series
  • LOSP – Low Odour H3 treatment
  • Ribbed reversible profile 90mm wide x 22mm thick
  • Visually graded for appearance
  • Can be stained after installation to resemble exotic species
  • After installation, for care and maintenance, use a premium penetrating timber oil
  • Offcuts can be disposed of through normal waste collection and disposal services


Non-Structural Pine Products

  • Typical End Use: Packaging, Pallets, Noggins, Bracing, Battens.
  • Sizes Available: From 25mm to 100mm thickness; From 75mm to 200mm widths.
  • Grades Available: Merch, ROS (Run-Of-Stack), Green Sawn & RSKD (Rough Sawn Kiln Dried).
  • Terminator™ and Endura™ treatments are also an option with some of our Industrial product solutions.

General Product Safety, Handling & Usage

Use of appropriate personal protective equipment is recommended when working with all timber products – refer to the relevant AKD product brochures for further information on this.

AKD product brochures detail all appropriate processes such as Safe Handling instructions, Usage and Installation practices, as well as Disposal.

Fencing & Other Landscape Products

AKD’s Yarram mill makes a range of high-quality fencing and landscaping products. These include fence palings, fence rails, plinth, and garden grade sleepers for the Aussie Outdoors. AKD Yarram has an unrivalled reputation for these products which are preferred in the market due to their consistency and presentation.

The Great Aussie Outdoors

For use outdoors, Pine species needs to be treated to enhance the durability of the timber in accordance with AS/NZS 1604 series (Preservative-treated wood-based products). Once treated, the product has a durability that makes it fit-for-purpose and with a reasonable service life.

The relevant Hazard Classes and Exposures for AKD’s products are as follows:

Hazard Class Exposure Service conditions Hazard Example use AKD Product
H2 Inside, above ground Protected from wetting, no leaching Borers and termites Australia-wide Terminator Red™
H2F  Inside, above ground Protected from wetting, no leaching Borers and termites Framing used south of Tropic of Capricorn Terminator Blue™
H3 Outside, above ground Periodic moderate wetting Moderate decay, borers, and termites Pergolas, framing, decking bearers and joists (> 150mm off above ground) Endura™
H4 Outside, in-ground Severe wetting and leaching Severe decay, borers, and termites Fence posts, retaining walls less than 0.8m high, landscaping timbers Ironwood™

When planning your project using AKD products, always check with your local authority for approvals and requirements in your area.

AKD’s treated timber products are branded as required by the Australian Standard. There are three (3) pieces of information contained in the treatment brand and are commonly presented as follows:

Plant Identifier Number Preservative Code Number Hazard Class
Unique three (3) digits identifying the treatment plant where the preservative treatment was carried out. A two (2) digit code identifying the preservative treatment via a code which is listed in the treatment standard. Letter H (Hazard) followed by numbers one (1) to six (6) (e.g., level/class). Each Hazard Class has specific conditions for use in application as listed in the treatment standard.

Example of AKD Ironwood Edge’s treatment tag is shown below:

For more information on treatment types, hazard classes and a register of current treatment plant numbers, please refer to www.tpaa.com.au

Treatment brands may be applied as ink brands or using plastic tags. Each individual piece of treated timber must be branded. Exemptions are: battens, fence palings, droppers, timber 1500mm2 and less in cross section, timber less than 15mm thick and agricultural post or similar supplied via wholesale in whole pack form to rural end users. In these case, the packaging of the timber will be marked.

Our Product Quality Assurance

All AKD processing facilities maintain strict quality management systems, supported by a range of highly skilled operator and timber specialists. These systems ensure consistent production with ongoing verification testing to ensure our products exceed the performance requirements of the applicable Australian Standards.

In addition to this, AKD facilities are certified by the Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia (EWPAA), an independent, JAS-ANZ accredited certification body specialising in structural timber certification. EWPAA certification includes regular, third party audits of the internal quality management systems, review of product testing and verification processes and external, independent testing of product performance.

Determination of Structural Properties

AKD Structural Pine Framing is graded in accordance with AS/ NZS 1748 Timber – Solid – Stress-graded for structural purposes, is tested in accordance with AS/NZS 4063 Characterization of structural timber, and is verified in accordance with AS/NZS 4490: Timber – Solid – Stress-graded for structural purposes – Verification of properties.

All AKD structural products carry a branded stamp applied to the face of each piece of timber.