Memberships, Associations and Helpful Links.

At AKD, we believe in the value of collaboration and working together to leverage strengths and the positives.

A sustainable collaborative and participative industry benefits all and helps promote us in terms of our social license as an industry with the Australian public.

Our various memberships and associations also look to recognise a diverse industry with unique regional issues and opportunities.

Australian Made Campaign Limited

AKD became a licensee under the Australian Made Campaign Limited in 2019 so that we can promote our long-standing credentials of being Australian owned, grown and made.

We believe in the long-term responsibility and benefits of regional manufacturing in Australia and this association helps us build awareness about this.

Buy Australian Made!


AFPA is the peak national industry body representing the resources, processing, and pulp, paper and bioproduct industries covering the forest products value chain.

AFPA represents all elements of the value chain from the sustainable harvesting of plantations and multiple use natural forest resource including forest establishment and management, harvesting and haulage, processing of timber resources and manufacture of pulp, paper and bioproducts.

AFPA’s membership falls under four chambers (Growers, Hardwood Processing, Softwood Manufacturing, and Pulp, Paper and Bioproducts) representing the core business of organisations at different points in the value chain.

AKD represents in the Softwood Manufacturing Chamber and the Growers Chamber, working collaboratively within our industry to ensure the economic and environmental credentials of our sector are understood and seen as key to Australia’s future and wellbeing.

Colac Chamber of Commerce

AKD is proud to be members of the CDCCI (Colac & District Chamber of Commerce & Industry).

They are a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping businesses and solopreneurs within Colac and surrounding districts, to achieve greater heights through collaboration and innovation.

CDCCI is dedicated to improving the economic environment of this community by strengthening business through advocacy & networking.


The EWPAA is a member association for manufacturers of engineered wood products, particularly plywood, laminated veneer lumber (LVL), particleboard and medium density fibreboard (MDF) and solid timber processors.

On behalf of our members, we coordinate a market development program which includes Product Certification and Testing; Standards Development; Education & Training; Research & Development; Market Maintenance and Technical Promotion.

AKD uses the independent Quality Assurance programs of the Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia as part of its rigorous ongoing QA systems for its structural pine products.

We are proud to have our products certified by this Association.

Forest Industry Council (Southern NSW) Inc

The Forest Industry Council (Southern NSW) Inc. (FIC) was formed in 1981 as the forum for discussion of matters of common interest to growers, processors and contractors for both softwood plantations and native forests in the South West Slopes of southern NSW.

It was established to improve industry safety standards and give the industry a much higher public profile.

Australia imports about $2 billion worth of paper and timber every year. An in-depth study of the Region in 2002/03 showed the forest sector in the South West Slopes contributed $1.66 billion and generated employment for more than 3600 people in the Region.

FIC members manufacture approximately $900 million worth of forest products each year, which would otherwise have to be imported. The regional forest product industries are supplied by FIC contractor members who harvest and haul about two million tonnes of pulp and sawlog a year.

Through the Riverina Institute, the Council now offers a wide range of nationally accredited courses.

FIC membership ranges from small logging and haulage businesses through to national corporations.

AKD Tumut is a member and proud to work alongside the rest of industry in this region to ensure a sustainable forestry and wood products sector in the Snowy Valleys region in years to come.

Forest Learning

Forest Learning provide educators with free teaching resources relevant to the Australian Curriculum and with a focus on Australian forests and sustainable timber products.

At you’ll find Australian Curriculum aligned free teaching and learning resources, written by teachers – for teachers! Save precious planning time and plant the seeds of sustainability and our natural world in your K-12 classroom, by downloading ForestLearning teacher guides and photocopiable student workbooks. Discover the vital roles that renewable forests, wood and wood fibre products can play in creating a better, more sustainable world!


The Frame & Truss Manufacturers Association is a key customer association and of which AKD is a proud Silver sponsor.

FTMA Australia’s vision is to provide a support network where the best people strive for the ongoing pursuit of excellence, unity and success for businesses within the timber engineered solutions industry. Their members are professionally supported in an environment focused on enhancing business opportunities and ensuring excellence within the sector.


Forest & Wood Products Australia is a not-for-profit industry services company.

Sometimes referred to as a rural development company – funded by the Federal Government, member levies and research grants.

The company collaborates with government and industry stakeholders to determine strategy, invest in effective and relevant R&D and deliver programs designed to grow the market for forest and wood products, increase productivity and profitability across the value chain and ensure positive environmental and social outcomes.

AKD is a member company and participates in many of FWPA’s programs and initiatives to achieve the mission of growing the market for wood products in Australia.


LET’S BUILD A BETTER WORLD. Timber Framing – The Ultimate Renewable™ is the leading choice for building Australian homes, and our future. It’s one of the most eco-friendly building materials available. Strong, sustainable and backed by an entire industry, creating beautiful homes while protecting the home we all share.

Timber framing is the ultimate building material. It’s natural, strong and the only framing resource that tackles climate change. Research shows that 78% of consumers want to know about the green credentials of their building material options. So it’s time to share the remarkable story of timber framing.

Download free resources from this site to complement your own marketing and communications and let’s cascade the message far and wide.

Planet Ark’s Make It Wood

“Make It Wood – Do Your World Some Good” aims to encourage the increased use of responsibly sourced wood as a building material.

When sourced responsibly, wood can play a big part in helping tackle climate change.

This is because wood is a low carbon option for building; it sequesters carbon during the growth phase, it stores carbon for the long-term, it is renewable, and it has a lower embodied energy than many other building materials. As a result, using wood allows us to live a low carbon lifestyle.

Wood is unique among building materials because it is a natural carbon store – up to 50% of its dry weight is carbon. Responsibly sourced wood products store the carbon that the growing trees have removed from the air.

Make It Wood is proudly brought to you by Planet Ark in partnership with Forest and Wood Products Australia.

Planet Ark believes that what remains of our high conservation forests must be protected and treasured. As such, Planet Ark opposes the logging of high conservation value forest for wood products and clearance for plantations, as this will have negative impacts on biodiversity.

The details of Planet Ark’s positions on the use of responsibly sourced wood as a building material can be viewed at

Softwoods Working Group

The Softwoods Working Group (SWG) was formed in 1987 and is now under the auspices of Regional Development Australia – Murray (formerly the Murray Regional Development Board).

It consists of representatives from Local Government, Regional Development Boards, Forests NSW and all the major plantation growing and processing industries in the south west slopes region of NSW.

Recognising the importance of a co-operative and co-ordinated approach to the issue of road funding, the SWG was formed to plan for the future needs of this essential road network as the local timber industry continued to grow.

The major focus has been on securing funding for the major defined regional arterials that service the needs for both log and finished products.

In recent years the activities of the SWG have expanded to include involvement in matters of other forest-industry related issues.

AKD Tumut are proud to be participants in this Working Group.

Timber Queensland (TQ)

Timber Queensland is the peak timber industry body in Queensland.

TQ are a commercially-minded, non-profit industry association representing the interests of our members.

Their unique and diverse membership base consists of timber businesses from plantation growers, harvesters, sawmillers and merchants through to timber users including manufacturers, architects and builders.

Timber Queensland, on behalf of our members, works to gain the support of politicians, government departments, employer and environmental groups. We are committed to creating greater public and political awareness of the forest and timber industries, and the valuable economic and environmental contribution they make to Queensland.

A key role of Timber Queensland is to support and encourage the development and expansion of the forest and timber industries as a means of securing the long-term business viability of our members.

AKD Caboolture are proud members and supporters of TQ’s programs and activities.

The Timber Framing Collective

The Timber Framing Collective is responsible for the marketing of softwood timber framing in Australia. AKD is a proud to be a founding funder of this industry collaboration.

The Ultimate Renewable

The Ultimate Renewable™ is an industry campaign to promote the sustainability and environmental advantages of Australia’s forest and wood products industry.

As environmental issues become increasingly important to Australian businesses and consumers, it is important that the forest and wood products industry unites behind a single, strong environmental brand – The Ultimate Renewable™.

Chosen after an extensive research process involving both industry members and consumers, The Ultimate Renewable™ positions the industry as bringing benefits to the environment and tackling climate change.


The Timber Preservers’ Association of Australia (TPAA) represents the nation’s wood preservation industry. It promotes a knowledge of the principles and methods of timber preservation within the industry, helps with establishing and adhering to Standards for the treatment of timber, and promotes best practice in the production of treated wood.


The Women in Forests & Timber Network is a forum for women in our industry to meet, exchange ideas and ensure our voices are heard.

The aim to recognise the contributions of the women in our industry, to celebrate their achievements and to support their access to skills and professional development opportunities.

AKD is proud to sponsor the Queensland chapter with their active networking calendar of events and their charitable endeavours. AKD values diversity as a key to success and sustainability – seeking to embrace diversity in all of its aspects.

Wood Solutions

Wood Solutions is an industry initiative designed to provide independent, non-proprietary information about timber and wood products to professionals and companies involved in building design and construction.

They have an amazing library of technical and design resources for use and specification of timber products available once you register with them.


The goal of Wood Products Victoria (WPV) is to ensure that sustainable timber and wood products grown, harvested, processed, manufactured or sold within Victoria or by Victorian-based businesses are supported by informed research, credible technical publications, comprehensive customer information, and positive product and market development.

The Board of Directors includes representatives of timber growers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers who wish to ensure the ongoing viability of this sustainable, natural building resource. WPV is a voluntary collaboration between various industry players in the Victorian market. These market representations by WPV are to protect existing, or develop new, Victorian wood products market opportunities.

AKD sponsors this activity given our prominent position of being the only scale softwood sawmill in Victoria with both our Colac and Irrewarra sawmills in the Ottway region.