AKD National Apprentice Program

AKD has a long standing and successful National Apprenticeship Program with over 70 apprentices consistently in training across our business, covering Fitters, Fabricators, Electricians, Saw Technicians and Wood Machinists. This results in 1 in every 15 AKD employees being a trade apprentice, reinforcing AKD’s approach to train and develop its people, and to ensure trade-based skills are available for the longer term to support our sawmilling operations.

At AKD, we invest in our employees’ future through development and training opportunities to cater for a wide range of people and their chosen career path. Learning and development is for everyone, and we provide opportunities from entry level to experienced and everything in between.

Benefits of an AKD Apprenticeship.

  • Complete a nationally recognised qualification
  • Highest level of training from skilled and experienced tradespeople
  • Establish a career with Australia’s leading sawmill
  • Working with cutting edge equipment and new technology
  • Learn while you earn
  • Opportunities to travel to other sites
  • Obtain various licences and tickets
  • Open to mature age entry

Apprenticeships combine work (and pay) with on-the-job training and learning, so you get the skills you need to thrive whilst having the opportunity to work on state-of-the-art equipment and multimillion-dollar projects. You’ll be supported throughout your journey and learn from the best in the business while you work towards a qualification you’ll have for life.

Explore the trades.

Apprentice Electrician

Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician

Industrial electricians are trained in industrial and systems engineering, and they use this knowledge to trouble-shoot, maintain, and install electrical equipment. They install and maintain generators, transformers, switchboards, and panels, and they also install and maintain interior wiring.

As an Industrial Electrician at AKD, you could be applying your trade skills and experience to a wide range of maintenance and installation situations supporting our industry leading equipment (eg. Artificial Intelligence).

As an Electrician at AKD you could do a range of tasks including:

  • Installing, repairing, and maintaining the electrical parts of industrial equipment
  • Interpreting technical documents
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Fault finding and root cause analysis
  • Interpreting PLC logic programs
  • Providing technical support

Apprentice Wood Machinist

Certificate III in Wood Machining

A Wood Machinist is a highly skilled trade at a sawmill and at AKD they set up, operate and maintain machines such as automated planers/moulders and saws to cut, plane and profile timber to specifications. This involves selecting and setting up knives and cutters to machinery, aligning knives, operating machines to cut, plane and profile timber, and cleaning and maintaining machines and equipment.

As a Wood Machinist at AKD you could do a range of tasks including:

  • Sharpen, maintain and set knives and saws
  • Perform saw changes
  • Alignment of machine centres
  • Machine maintenance
  • Instructing operators
  • Problem Solving and fixing faults
  • Optimise planer and timber recovery

Apprentice Saw Technician

Certificate III in Saw Technology

A Saw Technician is one of the most highly skilled trades at a sawmill and at AKD they service, maintain and align saw blades, knives and guides for timber sawmilling machines and other applications. Saw Technicians may also inspect, test, maintain and troubleshoot mechanical components on sawing machine centres to achieve sawing production rates and product tolerances.

As a Saw Technician you could do a range of tasks including:

  • Sharpening, setting and maintaining chipper knives & saws
  • Removing and replacing saw blades
  • Straightening and stretching steel saw blades
  • Alignment of machine centres
  • Operating manual and computer controlled tools and equipment
  • Problem Solving and fixing faults
  • Optimise saw and timber recovery

Apprentice Fitter

Certificate III in Engineering – Mechanical Trade

The fundamental purpose of the position of Maintenance Fitter is to maintain and repair production plant to optimum performance to assist achieving minimal downtime.

Maintenance Fitters at AKD apply a wide range of mechanical skills, including mechanical assembly, manufacturing components, equipment installation and modification, perform various types of welding, testing/fault finding for equipment efficiencies and servicing of mechanical equipment.

As a Fitter at AKD you could do a range of tasks including:

  • Using and maintaining specialised machines and tools
  • Component repair and assembly
  • Reading and interpreting technical drawings & manuals
  • Problem Solving and fixing faults
  • Carrying out preventative maintenance
  • Responding to breakdown events
  • Maintaining specialised equipment

Apprentice Fabricator

Certificate III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade

Maintenance Fabricators at AKD apply to a wide range of fabrication work, including undertaking metal fabrication, structural steel erection, sheetmetal work, welding, equipment repair and project work.

As a Fabricator at AKD you could do a range of tasks including:

  • Machining fabrication materials and components
  • Fitting, setting, and installing fabricated structures
  • Performing detailed MIG, TIG and other types of welding
  • Metal forming, bending, and finishing
  • Repair, design and estimation
  • Problem Solving and fixing faults

We’ll support you through your Apprenticeship.

All our apprentices work alongside experienced employees to ensure the most supportive learning and development environment is provided. Our apprentices work in hands-on environment and gain the skills to work across many different parts of our business.

We have a dedicated Training Manager to guide and support your overall training experience while undertaking your apprenticeship.

Throughout and post the completion of the program there is opportunities for experience to be gained at other sites/locations, with accommodation and travel support provided.

With a commitment of 3-4 years required to complete your trade, gain on the job training and attend trade school, individuals must be highly motivated, flexible and keen to learn.

These great opportunities require commitment and a desire to learn and grow.

How to apply.

AKD’s National Apprenticeship Program next intake opens in October 2024.

For more information, or to register your interest for an apprenticeship email recruitment@akd.com.au.


Out last intake had the below opportunities available across our business.

(4 years)
Wood Machinist
(3 years)
Saw Technician
(3-4 years)
(4 years)
(4 years)
Caboolture, QLD
Colac, VIC
Yarram, VIC
Oberon, NSW
Caboolture, QLD
Colac, VIC
Tumut, NSW
Oberon, NSW
Caboolture, QLD
Colac, VIC
Tumut, NSW
Oberon, NSW
Caboolture, QLD
Colac, VIC
Tumut, NSW
Yarram, VIC
Portland, VIC
Oberon, NSW